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Novelty Cakes

The centerpiece for a birthday table can be quite a show stopper. Most often it is designed around something special like a favourite toy or show. Some cakes are just so fun to look at and the customers tell me they don't want to cut it up.


Lots of time goes into planning and shaping these designs. This makes them more expensive than the basic shaped cakes but the joy people feel to have one of these cakes makes them so valuable to my customers.


Cakes to celebrate the pending arrival of newborns and first birthdays.


The kids love to see something they recognise and is very special to them on their birthday cake.

Big Kids

These are fun cakes for the grown ups.

Topsy Turvy

Often referred to as the “mad hatter cake”. The topsy-turvy cake is used for whimsical themes and has tapered cakes that also sit on a slant.

Cake Pops

Cake Pops are rolled balls of cake usually dipped n chocolate and decorated to suit all kinds of themes. They can resemble characters or simply look pretty with sprinkles or piping.


Individual servings of cake in patty pans that are decorated with buttercream or fondant and have toppers added to match a party theme

Cake Topper Figurines

These toppers are made to go on a cake made by someone else. 

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